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We Publish Your Manuscript
You Write + We Publish
We Write + We Publish
We Publish Your Manuscript
Scribe Publishing

What You Get:

  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Book cover design
  • Interior Layout
  • Full distribution
  • ISBN & copyright
  • Total ownership
  • Full royalties
  • Full creative control
  • Marketing materials
You Write + We Publish
Guided Author
Scribe Guided Author

What You Get:

  • Two-day virtual workshop run by
    4X NYTimes Bestselling author Tucker Max
  • Position & outline book
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Writing plan
  • Accountability coach
  • Full content edit
  • Plus everything in Publishing
We Write + We Publish
Scribe Professional

What You Get:

  • Our flagship service
  • We interview you over the phone
  • We use those interviews to write your book
  • Similar to ghostwriting, but using all your ideas, your words, your voice
  • Includes all editing
  • Plus everything in Publishing
Elite Ghostwriting
Scribe Elite Ghostwriting

What You Get:

  • Award-winning professional ghostwriting
  • Ghostwriter can come to you
  • Research and assistance to expand on your ideas
  • Full marketing and book launch
  • Audiobook creation and distribution
  • Plus everything in Publishing

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Our Authors

We’ve worked with over 1,600 authors to create some incredible books, including 12
New York Times or Wall Street Journal bestsellers in just the last 6 years.

David Goggins
NY Times, WSJ Bestseller & USA Today Bestseller
David Goggins
NY Times, WSJ Bestseller & USA Today Bestseller
Tiffany Haddish
NYT Bestseller, Goodreads Best Books of 2018
Tiffany Haddish
NYT Bestseller, Goodreads Best Books of 2018
Todd Herman
WSJ Bestseller
Todd Herman
WSJ Bestseller
Joey Coleman
WSJ Bestseller
Joey Coleman
WSJ Bestseller

But don’t take our word for it, see what these authors have to say themselves about what writing a book did for them.

What it's like to Work with Scribe

"I had people with me every step of the way, encouraging me, supporting me, helping me make the book better."

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Books We’ve Published

We’ve worked with over 1,600 authors in only 6 years. Here are a few of the books we’ve worked on (including 12 New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestsellers):


Featured Author Success Stories


What We Do

Simply put: we help you write, publish, and market your book.

We have a complete suite of services; publishing, editing, book coaching, scribing (what we call ghostwriting), marketing, and many other services.

If you want to move fast, if you want to own your book, if you want complete creative control, and if you want the best professional book expertise that money can buy—we’re the only choice.

Don’t believe it because we say it. Believe because our track record proves it.

We’ve worked with some of the biggest authors in the world (David Goggins, Nassim Taleb, Tiffany Haddish, David Bach, Robin Sharma, Todd Herman, etc).

Writing, publishing, and marketing books is what we do, but helping people tell their story and share their knowledge to leave a legacy of impact—that is who we are.


Why We Do It

We believe everyone on earth has a story to tell and knowledge to give to the world, and it should be in a book—so their legacy and their impact will be shared and remembered.

Yes, this means we believe everyone on earth should write a book.

The problem?

Books are needlessly complicated, difficult, and painful.

Traditional publishers only publish a small number of books each year, keeping ownership and creative control and freedom away from authors. They say they do it to maintain high quality.

The self-publishing industry will publish anything but is full of scammers who produce cheap, low quality work. They say they do it to increase ownership and freedom for authors.

This is the current state of book publishing: an unresolved tension between high quality and ownership. You have to pick one.

We don’t believe this tension has to exist, and we stand against it.

We stand against the elitism of traditional publishing that takes creative control and ownership from authors.

We also stand against scammy self-publishing that produces low-quality books.

We stand for anyone being able to write and publish their book, while maintaining ownership and creative control—and still ensuring the highest quality and impact for readers.

We stand for this because we believe everyone on earth should write their book, should own their book, and should have the best book possible–and we want to make that happen.

We are so sincere about this, we prove it by giving our process away for free. We’re the premier writing and publishing services company on earth, but if we only provided services to rich people, that wouldn’t fulfill our mission.

We believe everyone on earth—especially the people who can’t afford our services—should be able to have access to the exact same information as anyone else, so their books can be just as professional as the people who can afford our services.

If you can’t afford our services or just want to do it yourself, we created The Scribe Book School.

The Scribe Book School courses show the same process created by our 4x New York Times Bestselling Author and founder, and used for all the books Scribe has written and published, is yours. And is 100% free.