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Scribe Guided Author

The Scribe Guided Author Program is the premier book writing and publishing program on earth.

Led by 4x New York Times bestselling author Tucker Max, you receive the best writing instruction, ongoing support, and editing available.

This program is designed for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and other professionals who want to write and publish a high-level professional book, want to write it themselves, but need to make sure it is absolutely the best possible they could do.

$1,250/m for 12 months
Money Back Guarantee

What’s Included in Scribe Guided Author?

The Scribe Guided Author Program is a proven program that provides you with everything you need to write, publish, and market your book—this year.

Kickoff Workshop

You come to Austin, Texas and spend two full days with us. We’ll help you position your book, create your outline, and schedule up your writing plan. You’ll leave knowing everything you have to do to write your book.

Full Guidance and Accountability

You’ll be assigned a professional editor who will help you at every step and hold you accountable to your writing schedule.

Weekly Coaching Calls

After the workshop, you’ll get weekly guidance via group coaching calls with our senior editors. They will answer your questions and help you stay on track to finish your book.

Private Facebook Group

Every member of your workshop—both editors and other authors—will be in a private Facebook group to support you and give guidance as necessary.

A Full Edit of Your Manuscript by Professional Editors

When you’ve finished with the rough draft of your manuscript, your editor will do a full round of edits.

Full Writing Course and Guidance

We provide complete writing templates and instructions for every single phase of writing your book, as a backup to what you learn at the workshop. You will know exactly what to do at every step.

Full Publishing Services

Once you’re finished editing, we do the book cover, interior layout—everything necessary for a professionally published book.

Full Distribution Services
  • Full printing services with the ability to order unlimited copies at production cost
  • Full distribution through major online retailers (Amazon,, etc.)
  • You keep 100% of royalties.
Marketing Consult and Guidance

Our Author Marketing team will get on the phone with you and help you lay out a step-by-step marketing plan that will ensure you successfully launch your book and achieve your goals.

First Week Promotions
  • Authentic Amazon reviews secured prior to book launch by sending advance copies to likely interested readers
  • First week promotion to become an Amazon Best Seller
  • A full press kit for your book
  • A full set of social media posts and graphics
  • A scheduled podcast interview on you and your book
  • A complete case study on you and your book, done 6 to 9 months after your book is out
  • Our Author Marketing team helps you do a full marketing plan for after launch, and we provide a complete book marketing course to walk you through everything you have to do
All Creative Control, Rights & Royalties

You retain full creative control of your book, plus all rights and royalties.

Money Back Guarantee

We fully guarantee our process and product, and if at the end of the two-day seminar you are unsatisfied for any reason, we will happily refund your money.

- Brita Long, April 2019 Guided Author Workshop

“Going through this entire process has changed my life. I absolutely can’t imagine trying to write a book without this support, knowledge and love.”

- Brita Long, April 2019 Guided Author Workshop

How the Guided Author
Process Works

We have a proven process that will not only get the best possible book out of you—but help you at every step along the way.


Book Strategy Consult

The first step—before you begin your book—is to make sure you actually have a book in you and determine whether our method is the right one for you.

To do this, you will speak with an Author Strategist who will help you get clear on three things:

  1. Your book idea
  2. The audience you’re trying to reach (and how your book will serve them)
  3. The objectives you hope the book will help you achieve (like making money with a book, or using a book to build your brand)

Note that this is not a sales call. This is about determining whether you have a book in you and whether our company is the right fit to help you write it.

Our process does not work for everyone. If we determine that we’re not a good fit for each other, we’ll happily refer you to a service or company that can meet your needs.


Attend Kickoff Workshop

To begin the process, you’ll attend the two-day kickoff workshop.

Each workshop is led by the Scribe co-founder, Tucker Max, a 4x New York Times Bestselling author. He created the Scribe Method and, along with Scribe’s editorial team, will personally walk you through every step of the process.

You will first position your book, then outline it, then create your writing plan, then go over everything else you need to know to write and edit your book. Tucker’s goal for each workshop is that you leave knowing exactly what you need to do, and full confidence that—with Scribe’s support—you can do it.


Go Home and Write

You will leave the workshop and have literally everything ready to write—and you will.

To ensure you stay on track, there are weekly coaching calls and 24/7 access to the Scribe senior editorial team on a private mastermind group. Any problems you have, any obstacles that come up, any issue you need help with, Tucker and his team will be there to help you out.


Get the “Hurt Your Feelings” Edit

When you are done with your rough draft, you will give the manuscript to us for editing. The Scribe editorial team will dig in and give you both high-level developmental notes, as well as deeper content on each line to help you polish and finish the manuscript. Your editor is an experienced professional who has worked on dozens of bestselling books in their career, and their job is to make sure your book is good enough to publish.

We like to call this the ”hurt your feelings” edit because we tell authors that we’ll hurt their feelings before we let them publish a bad book. You can be 100% confident that we will make sure you do not write a book that is bad.


The Full Scribe Design, Publishing & Distribution Services

After our edit and your revisions, when you are finished with your manuscript, you hand it to us and we do all the publishing.

This includes a beautifully designed cover and interior layout, full coordination of all publishing details (ISBN, bio, description, etc.), hardcover, paperback, and eBook formats included, and everything else we do when publishing a book.


Marketing Consult & Course

Our Author Marketing team will get on the phone with you and help determine the exact best way you can ensure your book gets in front of the readers you want. We will help you lay out a step-by-step marketing plan that you can then execute.

As part of this consult, we will also provide you with free access to the Scribe Marketing Course. This includes detailed instructions and templates to help you through every part of your book marketing, including generating media attention, gathering leads, and raising your visibility with potential clients.

Who You Might Work With

4x #1 NYT bestselling author

Wrote 4 New York Times bestsellers, plus has helped bestselling authors like Tim Ferriss, Robert Greene, Tiffany Haddish, Dave Asprey, and James Altucher.

Former Senior Editor, Random House

Nikki has worked on books with Rachael Ray, Giada de Laurentiis, the Dave Matthews Band, New Kids On The Block, and Carol Alt, among others.

Former Executive Editor, Orion

Hal is our resident Editor in Chief, an award-winning journalist, and has published three books. He was also the head editor for David Goggins’ bestseller Can’t Hurt Me.

Who Should Use Guided Author?

Who Should
  • People who are writing non-fiction books
  • People whose books fall within the broad genres of business, self-help, or personal development
  • People whose books will share knowledge that helps their readers
  • People who want to write their book but need guidance and assistance
  • People who need accountability from professionals
Who Should Not
  • People who want to write a novel or fictional book of any sort
  • People who want to do a first-person memoir
  • People who don’t know why they want to write a book
  • People who expect us to ghostwrite their book
  • People who expect us to do the book writing for them

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s included in the Guided Author program?

You get everything you need to confidently write, publish, and market your book. Literally everything. The entire program is described in detail here.

Who leads the workshop?

The workshop is lead by 4x New York Times bestselling author (and co-founder of Scribe), Tucker Max. He’s there in person for both days, and does most of the hands on teaching himself.

Do I have to come to Austin for the workshop? Is there a remote option?

The two days authors spend in office with us are pivotal, and will get you a level of clarity and momentum that cannot be duplicated any other way. In-person attendance in Austin is required for all workshops.

You will leave after two days with all of this done:

  1. Book Positioning
  2. Outline
  3. Writing Plan
  4. Editing Plan
  5. Chapter deadlines
  6. Editing deadlines
  7. Fears brought up and addressed

We are considering offering virtual workshops in the future.

What support do I get after the workshop?

After the workshop, there are two primary avenues of support:

  1. Guided Author Facebook Group: We have a very active Facebook group with all the former Guided Author participants, plus the entire senior editorial team from Scribe. Questions are answered usually within an hour or so, and there is a lot of encouragement and support.
  2. Weekly Group Coaching Calls: These occur every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern Time. The Scribe Senior Editorial team is on the calls to help with any questions any authors have about anything. For most authors, these calls act as accountability and commiseration calls. Basically, authors use them as places to see their friends and make sure they are on track.

Here’s the main thing you need to know: we will do whatever it takes to help you write a great book, and get it published.

Is editing included? How does the editing work?

Yes, editing is included. Once you finish the rough draft of your manuscript, then you hand it to us for a complete content edit. Your manuscript will be fully edited by a member of our Executive Editing team, someone who has at least 15 years experience in book editing.

As to how we edit, we tell our authors this:

“We will hurt your feelings before we let you publish a bad book.”

Our first goal in this edit is to ensure your book is not bad. If it is, we will tell you where it’s bad and how to fix it.

Once we know it’s not bad (and they are rarely bad), then the goal is to help you take it from good to great.

We will push you to write the best book possible, because our name is on the book as well as yours.

Is publishing included? How does publishing work?

Yes, everything necessary to publish your book is included; interior layout, cover design, distribution, everything. In fact, the publishing process is the same as what we use for the Scribe Professional ($36k) authors.

Do I have to take a year, or can I go faster?

Authors get to pay for the program over a year, but you can go as fast as you want. We’ve had authors turn in their manuscript two months after their workshop, and then have their book published and out only three months after that (for a 5 month start to finish time).

The only catch is that in order for us to fully publish your book, you must be paid in full.

Upcoming Guided Author Workshops

Please note that we do not allow remote attendance, so space is limited.

Interested in attending? Speak with an Author Strategist.

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$1,250/m for 12 months
Money Back Guarantee

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