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The Scribe Book Publishing team has decades of combined publishing experience, and we care about one thing: making your book professional. 

Our process is easy to navigate. Our authors are paired with a Book Publisher, who will be their main point of contact throughout all aspects of our process. In 7 steps, we’ll bring your manuscript to life.

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Step 1: Consultation with your Book Publisher

Once you’re ready to get started, you’ll consult with your Book Publisher. Typically, this call will last about 60 minutes, and you’ll answer the following questions: 

Q. What are your goals for your book? 
Q. Who is your audience? 
Q. What do you envision your book cover will look like? 
Q. What type of interior layout would you like for your book? 

Ultimately, the more information we have about what goals you want to accomplish with your book, the better we can ensure you’ll achieve them. This call is designed to help you clarify these goals. Your information will be assembled into a project plan, that will be used throughout the 7 step process. Your project plan is the 20,000 foot view of all aspects of your book. 

Use this consultation to ask your Book Publisher any questions you have, and to schedule your next steps.

Once you submit your manuscript to your Book Publisher, we’ll review it to ensure we have everything we need to get started: 

  • Final locked title and subtitle 
  • Final locked manuscript (including foreword, dedication, and acknowledgments if desired) 
  • Any graphics, illustrations, or photos 
  • Draft book description 
  • Draft author biography 
  • Author photo 
  • Blurbs/endorsements 

You can submit this content as either a Microsoft Word or Google Doc file. We’ll review the manuscript looking for formatting issues, like misidentified chapter headings. You can view our list of formatting tips here. 

Vector files for your graphics are preferred, (AI, EPS, PDF, etc.). We can use any high-resolution files you provide us, but you must have the rights or permission to use them. We’ll happily create graphics for you using your project plan to ensure continuity. Custom graphics are $50 per image.

Step 2: Manuscript Review

Step 3: Copywriting

Back covers and book descriptions matter! A good a book description and author bio are powerful tools. Our copywriting team will revise yours to maximize their marketing impact. And if you’ve added proofreading to your agreement, each and every character that comes together to make your book will be proofread according to the Chicago Manual of Style.

Step 4: Cover Design

Everyone says that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but we feel completely different. As an author, you should absolutely judge your book by it’s cover, because your audience will. 

In this stage, we will work with you to get the best possible cover for your book that presents the information and makes the impact that you want to make. Don’t worry if you don’t know what you want for your cover. Some authors have a very defined idea and know exactly what they want, and other authors will want some help deciding. 

Cover design starts with a design brief created specifically for your book. The information here will help you get started on what you’d like to see on your book cover, and you’ll discuss the details on the first call with your Book Publisher. 

Based on your design needs and goals, your publishing team will develop a series of cover designs. These will be initial concepts so that we can understand your direction more clearly. 

We will schedule a phone call with you to review the designs and understand what you do and do not like about them. Based on your feedback, we’ll iterate on the design until we land on the perfect cover for your book. 

Once you love the front cover design, your publishing team will create the spine and back, which includes your book description, author biography, and author photo, if you like. 

Also, if you are ordering hardcovers, we will design the dust jacket and case wrap for your review. The results will make your book completely at home on a shelf next to any traditionally published book.

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Step 5: Interior Design

Please do not underestimate the importance of a great interior design. We at Scribe have seen many books with great manuscripts and amazing covers that suffered from a horrible interior. Your interior defines the reading experience for your audience. If that interior looks and feels good, it will make reading your book a pleasurable experience. 

As with the cover design process, we welcome your feedback on the interior you envision. Your book’s design can be modeled on any other book’s font choices or graphic styling—even the margins, page numbers, and sidebars, which will be blended by your designer with your book’s cover styling to create a cohesive reading experience from start to finish.

Step 6: Final Review

Our promise to you is that we will never publish a book that you are not 100% satisfied with. Your book is a big deal, and is an extension of your ideas into the world. Just like you would not show up to an important job interview without looking in the mirror to make sure you look good, we want to make sure we take one last look before publishing your book. 

At this point, you will have already locked your content and your layout will be ready for final review. 

We’ll share a PDF of your book’s interior, which will be exactly how your paperback book will appear in print. You’ll be able to make adjustments to the layout, such as page breaks and graphic placement. 

We will have a final review phone call where you sign off on everything before we move onto the next step of publishing and distribution.

Step 7: Publishing and Distribution

Your publishing team will work with you to determine your distribution goals and retail channels—whether you want to be exclusively on Amazon or available on as many international platforms as possible, they will provide the best options for you, handle all account and file creation, and upload your book in preparation for your launch. 

You will get a proof copy of your book to make sure it’s printing beautifully, and on your say-so we’ll send your 50 free copies to you. You’ll also get all of the electronic source files for your book. 

Once the book is published, your readers will be able to order directly from Amazon or the other distributors you chose. It will be printed and shipped automatically with every order, so you do not need to hold any inventory. 

If you would like to order your own books, you can do this directly through the printer, where you will pay for printing and shipping. This can be done for any amount of books. 

For more information that details exactly where your book will be published, check out our FAQ page or schedule a consultation call below.








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